If you need assistance with anything whilst listing, payment, or there is an error on the site, please email support@webfind.com.au and we will be glad to help. All responses will be within 24 hours.


  • Why is there no free listing option?

There is no free listing option for two reasons. The first is to eliminate spammy listings from the directory to make the content for users searching quality listings. The second is that the best in class infrastructure required to run the website has associated costs, and we need to cover this. We also think that $2.00 for a listing you have full control over, including all of your business information and then some, is still great value!


  • I cannot login. What am I doing wrong?

Check your username and password are correct. Check upper and lower case letters. If you wish to reset your password, please click on the ‘Forgot password’ link in the top right if you are not already logged in.


  • What is a tag?

A tag is a set of keywords that users can utilise to find your listing easier. Enter them separated by a comma.


  • Do I need an ABN?

Yes. As the website is intended only for Australian audiences, we only wish to list Australian commercial businesses. The ABN is a good way to filter unwanted listings and spam.


  • How many entries can I have? 

 As many as you like, however there are a few conditions. They must not be duplicates (if listings are 80% the same they will be counted as a duplicate). They must be business related, and specifically businesses in Australia.


  • Do I have to use Paypal to pay? 

 At this time, yes, payments through Paypal is all we accept. This protects the buyer (you) and also makes it simple for us to integrate.

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