April 15, 2013 – Adelaide, Australia – The number one site when it comes to zombie info, news and stuff – Zombie Central – provides information and goodies to all zombies followers all over the world.
Zombie Central  offers a collection of “all things zombie.” We search for  the latest zombie gossips, news, and goodies. We have the commitment to reveal the truth about zombies to people all over the globe. We want the whole world to know about them.
We provides  Zombie FAQ to get to know about the zombies better and you can also ask our resident zombie expert, Otto, anything related to zombie.
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It is really fun and exciting to get the latest news about zombies. That is why, we love sharing everything we knew about these undead people. We also want to educate people around the globe about them and on how to survive in a zombie infested place if ever the zombie apocalypse will come true.
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