Much cheaper than bottled water or spring water, Value H2O water coolers enable you to utilise your existing tap water supply for a never ending stream of freshly filtered drinking water. All our water coolers remove harmful impurities like lead and chlorine but retain essential fluoride.

We have a range of water coolers to suit any requirement. Free standing water coolers with a refillable bottle reservoir, or plumbed in water coolers that connect directly to your main water supply are the most common. If space is limited, we also have a benchtop unit in 2 convenient sizes or under sink systems that utilise space inside a kitchen cupboard. In addition to our water cooler range, we also supply and service bubblers & drinking fountains, wall mounted boilers and instant hot water taps to give you filtered boiling water at the touch of a button.

Our refillable bottles water coolers and mains connected water coolers are much kinder to the environment as they don’t add to the billions of tonnes of landfill waste generated each year from bottled water refuse.

All Value H2O water coolers come with chilled &unchilled or hot & chilled temperature combination options, and all rental contracts include servicing, filter replacement, clean and sanitising, thermostat check & adjust and all parts and labour.

We offer a 14 day trial – totally obligation free – so there’s no reason not to try a Value H2O water cooler for your filtered drinking water requirements and start saving money – and the environment.