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Looking at Tig welders for sale? Welders for sale and welding machines? What about welding equipment and welding supply? Tokentools is an independent Australian Welding Brand. Our vision is to bring the latest technologies in inverter welders to our customers with the longest industry warranty and do it at the best price. Our customer focused approach ensures prompt attention to your welding equipment needs including fast dispatch from our warehouse and expert after sales support that many others are unable to provide.

Our welding supply products are manufactured to our specification, our technical director insists! Aussie style with an emphasis on quality, not price. Our industry first 5 year warranty is derived from building great products with better parts. This approach costs more but the end result is one that benefits our customer.

You will discover Tokentools products ship with industry standard torches, connectors and consumables. We stock all spare parts always and provide generous upgrade plans for customers that want to have the latest technology at their fingertips.

We stock Tig, Mig welders machines and stick also. If you are looking to cut metals we have a range of plasma cutting equipment that will please the wallet and get you working like a professional. Our range of machines is generally inverter based allowing many more features to be incorporated into their design at minimal overhead however we do alos have transformer based Migs in the high amp category. The multifunction units are becoming increasingly popular due to their multi process nature. With the Tigs you can tig weld, arc weld and plasma cut. With the Migs you can Mif weld, stick weld and Tig weld.

What started as a vision to bring great welders to Aussie consumers at affordable prices has grown into a wonderful Australian family owned and run enterprise with now many thousands of satisfied customers. If you are in need of a new welding package then please give us a call, our 30 day money back guarantee and 5 year comprehensive warranty certainly gets attention.

You may reach our helpful staff on 1300 881 991, we will answer your questions to the best of our ability and help you get the right welding equipment for your needs.