We are primarily an on-line store stocking a range of products that make a statement about quality and uniqueness for Australian pet owners.

Sacred Pet Boutique was born out of our own selfish needs.
We were uninspired by the choices available in our area so we set about providing discerning pet owners with an alternative.

Our pets play a huge part in our life. As responsible pet owners we need to make sure we provide not just the basics of food & water but for a little extra effort we can enrich the lives of our pets by providing activities that stimulate their brains and work their natural instincts.

We constantly seek out products that make a statement about quality & uniqueness then delivered with world-class customer service. Every product is well considered and evaluated and products are updated seasonally. Everything we sell comes with a twelve month guarantee.

Our web store is at www.sacredpetboutique.com.au

Our Boutique is dedicated to our dear Abyssinian who provided us with nineteen years of unconditional love and inspiration. Our life has not been the same since he died.