Rock Ribbons is an Australian based accessories, jewelry, apparel and home wares company creating beautiful colourful items. Just about all of the products you see in store are designed and handmade by myself, it’s a labour of love and I use only the finest eco friendly and ethically sourced materials.

Vintage inspired sensibility is prominent within my store, as I love to promote my obsession with latter day glamour within our modern fashion times. As I see it, ‘Rock Ribbons’ is all about conjuring a sense of feminine and the drama of dressing up yourself or your home to highlight your creativity, strength and femininity. The range is infused with my strong kiwi roots, an English sojourn, Middle Eastern escapade and finished off with exquisite Australian flair.

Take some time to have a look around my store and you will see we make everything with love, love of style, love of color and love of romance! Each piece is elegantly designed and handcrafted, refreshingly original and highly feminine, embellishing you and your home with an individual and gorgeous style.

Meaningful gifts for thoughtful people by Rock Ribbons.