April 26, 2013 – Clarence Park, SA, Australia – The Reliable and Reputable Building Inspection Company – Reliable Home Inspections – Offers professional pre-purchase building inspections service  in Adelaide to people who are in need of honest-to-goodness building inspector before buying a building or a house.
Reliable Home Inspections building inspections in Adelaide is done by the owner himself, Don Palmer. He has 40 years  experience in the building industry. He is an expert in both commercial  buildings and residential sectors.
Thus, this company prides itself for ALWAYS providing professional inspections reports prepared with integrity that are delivered on time!
During their  pre-purchase and pre-sale building inspections, they do not just present  a tick sheet which identifies the faults in a list. Their reports are very detailed with an option to include photos, so that you will have a better idea  on what are written on the report.
Reliable Home Inspections even offers their opinion, observation and advice on the impact that a particular fault will have if not fixed. That way, you will have a qualified judgement on the building you are planning to invest your hard-earned money.
They will visually inspect everything  to the extent of accessing limitations that may exist on site, such as: 

  • Ceiling – they will check if there are cracking, dampness, damp damage, defective lining, popping nails and sagging ceilings. 
  •  Walls – they will see if there are bulging walls, cracking, dampness and damp damage, defective lining, distortion, drummy plaster, popping nails, render and  verticality. They will also check if there are  corrosion and adequate seating of lintels, integrity of external cladding, evidence of missing damp-proof course or flashings, doors and windows, brickwork deterioration
  • Floors – they will inspect if there are timber floor damage, levelness, dampness and damp damage, floor movement such as spring and bounce, concrete floors cracking, surface damage.
  • Windows –  they will look for integrity of putty, broken or cracked glass, sash operation (if access available), sash fittings and hardware, water staining, decaying frames and sashes (timber rot or metal corrosion). 
  • Doors and Frames – they will check for binding, damaged, loose or badly fitting doors, defective door hardware, corroded or decaying frames. 
  • Plumbing – they will inspect if there are adequacy of water supply to each item (including water hammer), leaking, cisterns, pans, baths etc for cracking, leaking, installation and stability, visual signs of leakage in showers, shower screens for function and broken glass, cracking or delaminating of mirrors, condition of tubs/cabinets etc.
  • Electrical –  they will see if there are a safety switch or not, a smoke detector/s and if lights and fans work and that power points (where accessible) have the correct polarity.
  • Termite Management – they will check and advise if there is an existence and/or need for a termite management program.

These are just a few of the pre-purchase building inspections service  in Adelaide that Reliable Home Inspections offers.
Call Reliable Home Inspections  at 0414 820 773
or log on to www.reliablehomeinspections.com.au.