Redmako is a specialist company within the hospitality industry providing learning, business sales and financial services to our valued customers. We are committed to fulfilling your potential and aim to provide you with a sincere and caring approach to any and all of our service offerings

Redmako Learning offers qualifications for students to fast track their career within Hospitality, Retail and Front Line Management whilst training you in the practical application of the skills & theory which are recognised internationally. Redmako prides itself on the relationships we have with schools, trainees and business owners and utilises these connections to provide you with a caring service like no other.

Redmako Business Sales has adapted a unique service offering specialising in the buying and selling of businesses within the hospitality industry. It is this specialisation that guarantees you that you are working with experts within the field. We work hard with you to secure you with the best deals, the best returns and we look forward to turning your one investment into an entire business portfolio.

Redmako Finance is a specialist finance brokering service, with expertise to focus on serving hospitality business owners, trainees and employees. Redmako Finance aims to be the leading hospitality finance intermediary allowing our stakeholders to research, compare and finalise a deal that suits their individual needs both personally and professionally.