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Precast Detailing India,
Applecross, WA 6153,

Any structure or facility will become old and need to undertake some changes over its life. With a strategic focus on the growing global resources industry, Precast Detailing India is a leading provider of structural precast detailing services.

Precast Detailing India offers protective, strengthening and identical structural precast detailing solutions and positioned itself as a true global partner. We believe in maintaining close relationship with the structural engineers, fabricators, major contractors, developers and consulting engineers. Our in-house engineering department is recognized as the most innovative for design alternatives.

Precast Detailing India has established a desirable status in the development of one of the most important modern construction methods-Precast Detailing Services which include:

• Precast Erection Drawings
• Precast member design
• Embedment plan
• Precast Shop Drawings
• Precast Stairs Detailing
• Wall Panel (insulated, solid & architectural)
• Double Tee
• Non load bearing & Load bearing Spandrel
• Rectangular & Inverted Tee Beam
• Precast Column Detailing
• Precast Beam Detailing
• Precast Slab Detailing
• Hollow Core Slab
• Column Cover & cornices
• Column Cap
• Flat Slab
• Hardware Detail & Hardware Count
• Lifting & Handling Detail

We are committed to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations through service orientated principles to achieve technically, environmentally sound, practical and innovative solutions using high quality products and personnel.

Through our continuous research & development, we can provide cutting edge design alternatives for any structural projects at conception stage to benefit the client in the matter of time, quality and finance. We have number of years experience in structural precast detailing services. Our expert precast detailers have full knowledge of each and everything involved in the design/detailing of precast concrete elements and modular construction systems that also include the production of shop drawings and supporting calculations.

As stated above, we have created an exceptional reputation in the market; some projects are not undertaken without the availability of considerable technical expertise and experience. Our advanced knowledge in the structural precast detailing, latest technologies and our experienced and dedicated professionals give assurance for the completion of the project efficiently and safely.

Our goal is to deliver better quality and flawless returns through leading market positions in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial markets, with the leadership of our high profile people and soft wares.

To speak to us, just click us or send an email at [email protected]

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