We are a leading supplier of industrial packaging, specialising in steel packaging products. Cardboard packaging, packaging labels and printed packaging solutions also available.

Perennial Packaging specialises in Steel Packaging products including tinplate open head pails, closed head drums, and general line cans.

For efficient storage, filling, and dispensing, we offer the full range of closures and fittings, and also can source fittings from Reike, Stolz, and Trisure.

Our suite of tinplate packaging products are suitable for both Dangerous Goods as well as non-hazardous goods.

We currently service many different industrial and manufacturing sectors as our cans are suitable for packaging a variety of goods including paints, solvents, chemicals, foods, oils, thinners, adhesives, dry goods, coatings, and many more.

We also supply cardboard packaging in various shapes and sizes and grades of corrugated board.

To complement your product line and for maximum brand exposure, we provide product labelling and printed packaging products.

In addition to our extensive range of industrial packaging products, we also offer customised packaging solutions to meet your exact product, branding and technical requirements.