April 22, 2013- SA, Australia- the leading online firm that employs professional dieticians to assist their clients towards healthy living- Menu Concepts- has offered effective low GI weight loss programme.

People who are overweight or those who just want to lose extra body fats are most likely in search of the best weight loss programme so they can achieve their desired body weight in no time. Fortunately, there are a lot of weight loss programmes that are available out there but only few among them promise you of an effective weight loss diet.

One best firm that provides you with the best and personalised weight loss service is Menu Concepts. This is run by a group of professionals who have designed a unique weight loss service that you never expected.

“The Programme is designed to fit into anyone’s normal lifestyle, as we encourage the use and consumption of normal foods in your eating plan. You do not have to cook separate meals for your family, and you can still eat out and indulge in your favourite food pleasures like wine or chocolate. Our Menu Concepts Pty Ltd recipe book contains up to 100 healthy low fat, low GI, no added sugar recipe ideas that can be simply swapped to fit into your weight loss Programme. So it is easy to follow your Programme and lose weight effectively,” said Menu Concepts

Menu Concepts professional dieticians designed the programme for the following:

– Anyone trying to lose weight
– Anyone trying to lose weight who may suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
– Those who may have possible metabolic syndrome (symptoms e.g. difficulty with weight loss, headaches, itchy skin, dizziness, tiredness, bloating, sugar cravings, irritability, difficulties sleeping, night hunger)
– Anyone trying to lose weight who may suffer from PCOS

To avail, call Menu Concepts at 08 8375 7040 or log on to their official website at