All types of cars, bikes, trucks, boats, ect, welcome

KG’S Restorations Paint & Panel is all about making sure that your needs are provided and that your vehicles will be cared for as safely and as securely as possible. Our mechanics, and staff, are devoted to accomplishing every task with speed, care, and quality.

Detailing and restoration: Smash repairs are not simple jobs. They are tasks that require a certain degree of focus and attention because every piece should be brought back to the way it looks. For a car to be restored, every design, function, and detail should be returned to its original condition. People in Capalaba value this as well.

Mechanical and electrical: Before any car in Capalaba is restored to its beauty, its functionality should be the priority. Any mechanical and electrical needs of the vehicle to be repaired is the first thing that KG’S Restorations Paint & Panel attends to in a smash repair.

Paint jobs, large or small: After a car is fixed and is up and running, its appearance should be restored as well. The color is carefully chosen so that the vehicle can have the same look as before. However, if the client wants a new look by changing the color of his or her car, KG’S Restorations Paint & Panel will be more than glad to do it.