Hire n Fire is a training based company and we have been operating since 2004. We are currently based in Queensland/Mackay region and have traveled around the world in both training and putting fires out in mines such as the USA, SOUTH AFRICA, AND THE POLAR CAP OFF NORWAY we provide hands on type training with involvement from trainee not power point training.

The training that we provide is in areas of mines rescue, working at height, confined spaces and all types of fire training from basic fire extinguishing to full blown mine fires, and fire warden, supervisor training, first aid cpr ear ,defibulator, low voltage switch board rescue, work place induction training, vehicle off road training for two wheel drive as well as four wheel drive, defensive driver training for the local streets to remote areas .

We also train to mine requirments and standards for defensive driver training in 2 wheel drive as well as 4 wheel drive and have been for many years, as a service we do run these courses in Mackay every Friday and Saturday.

Mine and Fire Rescue/Training
Mines Rescue
Working at Height
Confined Spaces
All types of Fire Training
Queensland Coal Mine Inductions Surface and Underground
Construction Inductions Blue Card
Risk Management (All S1,S2,S3 and G2)
Risk management /identification
RIIRIS301A-Apply risk management
RIIOHS301A -Conduct safety and health investigations
RIICOM301A-Communicate information
RIIRIS4002-carry out the risk management proccess
First Aid
First Aid Training
Defensive Driving Training
RIIBDH201A Operate Light Vehicle
Light Vehicles’/Four Wheel Drives for Mine Sites to there standards
Remote Areas on Sealed or Unsealed Roads Also for training to mine compliant defensive drivng courses on and off mine site every Friday and Saturday in Mackay or by arrangement we can come to you if your numbers are over 6 persons if there is a suitable training area
Four Wheel Driving Training
RIIBEH305A operate and maintain 4 wheel drive
We can also combine defensive driving and 4 wheel drive in the same course.(if required)
Other Training
Training for Safe Work Observations
Supervisor Training
Safe/Standard Operating Procedures (JSEA )