Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair Loss Treatment

Cost is not the only factor worth considering when choosing a hair loss treatment. Whether you have been losing hair for years or have recently noticed your hair thinning, there is a variety of hair loss treatment options to choose from. Factors to consider are your age, gender, budget, hair loss history and other relevant factors. Here, we uncover the most common hair loss treatment options to determine which one is right for you.


Medications may be your first treatment of choice. Consult your doctor to discuss what medication is right for you. Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) are the most effective for those under 40. The more recent you are to losing hair, the more effective the hair loss treatment. Propecia is an oral medication prescribed only to men due to the risk of potential birth defects. About 86 percent of users see results; half of them actually regrow some hair, for the other half hair loss simply stops advancing. Rogaine, which is applied topically to the scalp is available over the counter for both men and women, yet only about 50 percent of these users will see any result. With both of these medications, the loss of hair resumes after you stop taking it.

Hair Systems

A hair system is an affordable, non-surgical hair loss treatment for both men and women. They are no longer the toupee of the past. These days it is virtually undetectable when custom made and applied correctly. A hair system is not a wig you remove when you get home. It is a semi-permanent solution, only removed when it is cleaned or requires more adhesion. If you have tried hair loss medications without the desired result, and seeking an instant solution, then contact Hair Replacement Australia to discuss the possibility of a hair system.


Hair concealers come in a variety of forms such as aerosol sprays, granular sprinkles, lotions, liquids and solids that are applied with a brush. If you have just begun to lose your hair and don’t want to take medication, hair concealers are an inexpensive option for hiding thinning hair. We do not recommend using these types of concealers for people with advanced stages of losing hair, however they could be an option for those in the early stages of thinning hair.

Laser Treatment

Laser hair therapy might be an option for those showing initial signs of hair loss, but are not quite ready to wear a hair system. When it comes to laser treatments, the more you have the better the result. Generally you are required to have 2 -3 treatments per week to stimulate hair growth and see results.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is an invasive and often expensive procedure for hair loss treatment. Younger men are not the best candidates as they generally continue to lose hair as they age and transplantable donor hair may be depleted. Hair transplant surgery is generally recommended for older men. With hair transplant surgery there is also the risk of scarring, infection and other complications. Talk extensively with your hair transplant surgeon before deciding to undergo this type of surgery.

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