Hair Loss Causes

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Hair Loss Causes

The average person loses around 50 to 100 hairs per day. This is because 90% of all hair is in the growth phase and only 10% is in the shedding phase at any point in time. Any significant change that alters the normal hair growth cycle or damages hair follicles, may result in excessive hair loss which can be temporary or permanent.


About 95% of hair loss is hereditary. If a member of your family has lost their hair, there is a chance you may lose yours as well. Having said this, balding and hair loss can skip generations and is random amongst siblings. For example, one brother might go bald in his early 30’s whilst the other maintains a full head of hair his entire life.


The ageing process causes the breakdown of many bodily functions, including hair follicles. Many people over 50 have thinning hair because their hair follicles are less effective causing hair to grow more slowly. Mature hair changes in texture and tends to break more easily too.


Illness, surgery and a variety of mental stressors can cause excessive loss of hair.

Drugs or Diseases

Radiation therapy or chemotherapy contribute to temporary or permanent loss of hair.


If you notice hair shedding in large quantities you should consult a doctor or a dermatologist. Sometimes hair loss indicates an underlying medical condition whereby treatment is necessary. If you start losing your hair rapidly, see your doctor immediately.

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