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What Is Gutter Protector

Gutter Protector is a gutter protection system, also referred to as The Foam Wedge gutter guard.
Its a specialized filtering foam, that has been used in filtering water in all sorts of industries for many decades, it can not absorb or hold water, water just flows straight through into your clean gutters.

The foam Wedge gutter guards rain handling capacity, is rated at 10 times the standard heavy rain fall, this capacity is essential to be able to cope with large water flow coming down from your roofs valleys

The foam wedge gutter guard was first used in America about ten year’s ago with great success and was one of the most talked about products on American talk shows, it’s now used widely throughout Europe and Canada, again with the same great success.


Affordable gutter protection, easy to install, easy to remove.

No need for drilling, screws or messy silicone, like other gutter guards, so will not void roof or gutter warranty.

Foam wedge gutter guards are made from a high quality polyether foam, which has had it cell structure modified, making it extremely porous, so will not absorb or hold water, making it an extremely efficient water and leaf filter for your gutters.

Gutter Guards Sit inside gutters, so are invisible from ground level.

Will not crack, dent, bend, break, crumble or rust like some metal and plastic gutter guards do.

Will filter out all leafs and debris and will allow enormous amounts of water to flow into your clean gutters, due to it’s specially designed cell structure.

Will continue to perform at its peak in all types of extreme weather conditions. It can handle extreme heat, cold temperatures and torrential rains. Making it an ideal gutter guard, for all Australian weather conditions.

Foam guards are suitable for all metal and tiled roofs.

Contains a built in UV formula that is added into the mix during production, so Cannot wash or wear out and will remain in the product for it’s lifespan, unlike other gutter guard foam filters that only have a coating on the outside.

gutter guards prevents Mosquitoes from breeding in gutters.

Contains a biocide making it, mold, mildew,and moss resistant, it also prevents seeds from growing in your gutters.

Foam inserts contain a built in fire retardant (Self Extinguishing) CSIRO tested to