Our grout sealer and grout sealing process is designed to allow the tradesman or home owner achieve outstanding results to tile and grout floors or walls without removing the grout or tiles.

Grout Perfect`s colour sealer is easy to use and will recolour and seal your grout all in one application to protect against dirt and spills from soaking in.

Grout recolouring has become very popular for home owners who are tired of ugly grout. We offer a free appilcation DVD with every purchase that shows you how to recolour grout.

The difference between grout sealers VERS Grout Perfects grout colour sealer.

Grout sealers have many names, they are known as grout paint, grout dyes, grout stains, grout pens and grout colourant. Most of these sealers you can buy from a hardware store. Due to their thin water like appearance that just penetrate through the grout and sit just below the the grouts surface. They come clear or have colour dyes (paint) added to them. The problem with these types of grout sealers is they only stop deep liquid staining. They do not stop surface stains or dirt from sticking to your grout. We often hear from our customers saying they feel like they have waisted good money of these grout sealers as their grout still looks like it had never been sealed. With Grout Perfect`s coloured sealer your grout will look new and stay that way for well over 15 years. This is why professional tradies use Grout Perfect because they know it sticks and stays while looking brand new for well over 10 years.

Grout Perfect`s colour sealer is an acrylic titanium resin that has a urethane modified sealing agent applied and concrete hardeners to give extra strength in bonding to cementous grout. Grout Perfect`s colour sealer is as thick as pancake batter! It not only penetrates the surface of the grout but also coates the surface of the grout. Grout Perfect`s colour sealer provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep your grout looking at its best. Call 1300 002 504