Get A Mine Job provides information to job hunters who are looking for a competitive advantage in getting a mining job. State-by-state information is provided for mining jobs in Australia.

A free step-by-step guide can be downloaded on how to get a mining job, authored by a previous job hunter who has recently succeeded in the mining recruitment process.

Mining courses can be a distinguishing factor when searching for unskilled mining jobs or mining jobs with no experience. Because they give job hunters the mining competencies they will need on the actual mining site, this can often give an advantage over other applicants.

Information on mining courses includes the Standard 11 Mining Induction and job-specific courses like Dump Truck Training and Mining Supervisor Training.

Each mining course is outlined so applicants can determine which courses are important to the type of mining job they are after.

Get A Mine Job is a valuable resource on what mining recruitment is looking for, with tips on how to submit a successful job application, and start a lucrative and rewarding mining career.