Genquip Power Products have been supplying the Australian market for 8 years with high quality reliable products that also deliver on price. All Genquip products are manufactured to the highest standards by our Chinese manufacturing team, are extensively tested both at the factory and again before they leave our warehouse to you. You also have the assurance that all products we offer are covered by both a parts/labour warranty and a spare part guarantee.

Contact Person: Paul Johnson

Gender: male

Designation: Sales Manager

Company Name: Genquip Power Products Pty Ltd

Address Line 1: 45 Riverside Rd

Address Line 2: Chipping Norton

City/County: NSW

State: NSW

Country: Australia

Zip Code: 2170

Telephone No.: 1300 730 716

Fax Number: 612 9755 5024

Business email address: [email protected]

Company Website:

Opening hours : 9am to 5 pm
(e.g. 9am to 5pm)

Date of establishment: 2004

Languages spoken: English

Business Specialties: Generators, Water pumps, Stationary motors, Solar