The importance of contact lens exams with Optometrists

Contact lens exams from professionals such as Ezekiel Eyes are crucial for many reasons. While regular eye exams are essential to monitor overall eye health and vision changes, contact lens exams are specific assessments tailored to those who wear or plan to wear contact lenses. Here are some reasons why contact lens exams with an optometrist in Perth are crucial:

Fitting and prescription: They assess your eyes’ specific measurements and shape to find fit prescription sunglasses or photochromic lenses. An ill-fitting lens can cause discomfort, dryness, irritation, and even damage to the cornea. A precise prescription ensures optimal vision correction.

Eye health evaluation: Contact lens exams include a comprehensive evaluation of your eye health. The optometrist will check for any underlying eye conditions that could be exacerbated or affected by wearing contact lenses, such as dry eye syndrome or allergies.

Education and training: They provide education and training on proper contact lens care, like a new Optometry Course in WA!. This feature includes instructions on how to insert, remove, clean, and store your lenses to minimize the risk of eye infections.

Why is optometrist supervision crucial?

While looking for treating your eyes with optometrist in Perth, you should know that their supervision is crucial for several reasons such as:

Adjusting to new lenses: For first-time contact lens wearers, an optometrist can assist in the initial period. They can address any concerns or difficulties, making the transition to wearing contacts smoother.

Compliance: They emphasize the importance of following proper wearing schedules and care instructions. Proper compliance ensures your eyes are safe.

These are the reasons that regular visits to the optometrist can help catch issues early on without any lengthy painful delays. Optometrist supervision is essential to safeguard your eye health. By working closely with a pro, you can maintain clear vision, prevent complications, and enjoy the benefits of contact lenses.

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