Dr Michael Coroneos is a senior Brisbane Neurosurgeon has particular expertise with spinal condtions, as well as chronic pain.He offers cervical /thoracic/ lumbar spine laminectomy, discectomy & fusion.
He holds 5 Fellowships and is Triple PI Certified Assessor.
He is Assistant Professor : Academic Adjunct at Bond University..
He also practises in general cranial & peripheral nerve& chronic pain Neurosurgery. He is a Member of the Australian Pain society.He has a particular interest in assessing the indications & appropriateness of spinal surgery-he defines these very important terms in his website , and at consultation ofcourse.

Dr Coroneos provides extensive resource material in his website including referenced academic discussions.

His qualifications and memberships are :CIME , MASE, FRACS, FACS,FRCSI, MB BS(1st Class Honours), FRCS(EDIN)SN, FAIM, MNSA, MNSQ, MAPS, MANZSOM,MAPS.

Address: Suite 73, Silverton Place, 101 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, 4000.
Telephone: 07-38319511
Facsimile: 07-38319512
Email: [email protected]
Websites: www.drmichaelcoroneos.com.au