General Dentistry

Dentistry is the field of medicine which specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial (associated with the jaw and face) region of the body. Dentistry is a broad term that is used for oral study and dental treatment of any kind.

Each dentist available at Multicare Dental is a qualified doctor who has specialized in various fields of dentistry and treats patients with all kinds of oral problems or disease, ensuring proper dental care and oral health. Our dental practice has a variety of dental specialists, all aimed at treating different kinds of dental problems, ranging from fixing crooked teeth to implanting prosthetic teeth in those who have lost their teeth.
We at Multicare Dental Clinic in Castle Hill region possess an excellent dental team, and our dental practice encompasses all aspects of dental problems and dental treatment. Our General dentist can perform many dentistry procedures, starting from simply promoting dental hygiene, providing dental preventive care, scaling, exposing dental root canals for treatment of infection, performing fillings to restore tooth function and even carrying out dental surgery procedures such as extractions.

Our General dentistry practice includes the following dental treatments:

Dental consultations
Examination for diagnosis such as X-rays
Restorations (fillings)
Dental hygiene services (scaling and polishing)
Endodontic or Root Canal dental Treatment
Cosmetic and general dentistry procedures such as bonding porcelain veneers, teeth whitening
Implants and care of dental implants
Orthodontic treatment
Dental health care
Periodontal health care

Dental school services such as oral health campaigns in local schools and colleges
Our general dentist can perform all these dentist procedures in our Castle Hill dental clinic. Our general dentist is part of our dentist group that collectively runs our dentistry clinic In Castle Hill and provides the best specialized dentist services.

If our patient desires to have complex dental surgery, our general dentist can diagnose the problem and refer the patient to a specialized dental surgeon for performing the task. Our specialist implants dentist can fit in implants, and the general dentist does the follow ups and helps the patient in proper maintenance of the dental implants.

Our general dentist at Multicare Dental Clinic also practices Endodontics, which is dental root canal treatment. Dentist root canal therapy is always followed by a crown or