DIY projects in Australia

There are many things you can do yourself at home including even some construction projects. If you are thinking about improving the look and functionality of your backyard, then maybe you would consider a timber structure like a fence, a pergola or a timber deck. Same as you are using a recipe for cooking you should use DIY instructions for your construction project if you’re not a professional builder. However, it is usually hard to find the most relevant information for exact that project you are planning to build. Below is a selection of popular backyard projects all made of wood. Click on the link to open pages containing extensive lists of DIY projects. The lists are sorted by relevance and contain mostly PDF files all free to view or print. Take advantage of the information and enjoy building something that can increase the value of your property.

How to build a deck

Australian houses and backyards often benefit from a deck. They can be build in any shape and size, provide extra entertainment area, a safe place for kids to play or a level and firm surface to put garden furniture and the barbecue.

How to build a pergola or a patio cover

And also how to build a fence tutorials. Find many PDF plans and designs of beautiful garden arbours, gazebos, pergolas and timber fences. Almost any handy-person can achieve a result to be proud of.

DIY Wood care, deck cleaning and timber preservative

Information how to clean a deck. Any deck, pergola or timber fence requires maintenance, it is easy and anyone can do it. Comprehensive instructions how to proceed and what wood treatment products are available will support your task.