Tender moments need tender care..
Here at Candlepines we are a family owned and operated, 100% Australian business. We offer funerals from as little as $2000 right through to $20,000. As a more personal touch for families, we are also the celebrants. We offer extras such as; memorial book, dvd display, memorial cards, doves, balloons, butterflies, customized painted coffins with artwork of your choice. We also have a modestly price range of urns.
From as little as $25 installments a fortnight you can pay off your funeral and arrange everything, including the music, poems and flowers. Funeral insurance offer a lump sum payment to pay for your funeral, which is great. However it does not make the arrangements, making those arrangements with us will let your family know whether you want to be buried or cremated and all the little details.
When we lose someone that we love and care deeply for it is challenging. It is hard to understand how we will get through the next day let alone be able to carry on with our lives. At Candlepines we understand this and we will help you meet the challenge. When choosing Candlepines we have the time to listen, we stay in touch with our families and offer practical support and help long after the funeral is over.

So, let our family take care of your family.