Aldo Motors is a car repairs service based in Box Hill. Being founded in 1986 as a family business, we have come to the point where our reputation precedes us and we can now call ourselves a proper auto service. We believe we are the only car service Melbourne has to offer that is equipped with the latest and greatest electronic diagnostic tools. We can accurately determine the problem. how it did occur, and when/where it came from…

Our experienced auto mechanics can make all kinds of repairs and services, ranging from spark plug exchanges to major engine rebuilds. Whether your car is:

  • petrol, diesel, or any other gas type
  • manual or automatic transmission
  • 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive (front or back)
  • left or right side steering wheel

we can repair it.

We are also licenced to issue Roadworthy Certificates. So if you ever need to re-register your vehicle, or you consider to sell your old one, this is the place to do all this paperwork. On the other hand if you want to buy an old car, you can do a pre purchase vehicle inspection and find out the real condition of that car.

And, most important, at the end there are no hidden costs. If you ever need car maintenance, stop by.