AK Reels are industrial quality retracring hose and safety barrier reels. The RC range is proudly owned and made in Australia and carries this logo.
Reels include;
RC 1000 garden hose reels
RC 1100 Cold wash hose reels
RC 1200 Hot wash hose reels for commercial kitchens where 80 Deg C water is used.
RC 1300 Chemical hose reels for spraying weedicides and pesticides.
RC1400 Waterblaster for high pressure cleaning.
RC1500 Oil hose reels
RC1600 Breathing hose reels
RC 1700 caravan drinking water hose reels
RC2000 Air hose reels for workshops, trades
RC2500 Steel braided hose reels
RC 3000 Safety barrier tape reels for all workplaces.
Rc5000 Marine hose reels
RC 6000 Oxy/Acet hose reels
RC6500 Oxy/LPG hose reels
Custom made to order hose reels.

All reels come with a two year repair or replacement warranty.

Parts available for all reels.

See website for details